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    Government Auctions


    "Government Auctions/Sales Manual
    is a brief, handy guide to auctions of
    surplus government property, describes
    types of sales and tells where to write
    or call to participate.

    The Kiplinger Washington Letter


    "The Government Auctions/Sales Manual
    is written to help you figure out how to
    bid and how to find an auction where
    they're selling what you need."

    -Independent Business


    "Best of all, most government auctions
    don't attract the kinds of specialized
    buyers who frequent antique auctions
    and make it harder for average
    people to get good deals."

    -Bottom Line/Personal


    "The best deals often go to the
    shrewdest bidders...the
    Government Auctions/Sales Manual
    includes this information."

    -Income Opportunities


    Don't fall for the over-hyped, overpriced auction "experts" you've seen on TV. This is the real deal!

    The 114-page Government Auctions/Sales Manual gives complete details of auctions and sales of government agencies. It is organized in an easy-to-follow format, making it logical and easy to understand.

    It covers what you need to know before, during and after the sale.

    Bidder's Checklist
    Type of Sales

    Letter of Credit

    Specialized Auction Companies

    Participating Agencies

    Type of Property for Sale

    Exportation Information

    It covers entities that hold auctions and sales:

    U.S. Bankruptcy Trustees

    Bureau of Land Management
    U.S. Customs
    Dept. of Defense
    Dept. of Transportation
    Dept. of Transportation (Maritime Division)
    Farmers Home Administration
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Federal Reserve Bank
    General Services Administration
    Internal Revenue Service
    U.S. Marshals Service
    Online Auctions
    U.S. Post Office

    Small Business Administration

    The Manual includes a glossary, acronyms and agency websites.

    Everything you need to know about locating and buying at government auctions is in the Government Auctions/Sales Manual.

    Only $9.95. BUY NOW!